In compliance with the Horizon 2020 guidelines, all the peer-reviewed journal articles produced within the project SLUW (GA 655954) are available here in Open Access, or will be made available here as soon as possible (as soon as embargoes expire and no more than 12 months after publication), either in the publisher’s version or as final manuscripts.
I also upload my presentations, posters, handouts, and contributions in conference proceedings (either the publisher’s version or the final manuscript, depending on the editorial policies that apply).


  1. openaccess Federico Giusfredi, Phrase Structure and Ancient Anatolian languages: Methodology and challenges for a Luwian syntactic annotation, Article in the Proceedings of the 2nd Italian Conference of Computational Linguistics, CLiC-IT 2015, pp. 146-149.
  2. openaccess Federico Giusfredi, Remarks on Luwian, in press for News from the Land of the Hittites 1, pp. 33-45.
  3. openaccess Federico Giusfredi & Paola Cotticelli Kurras, The European project SLUW: a short overview,  in News from the Land of the Hittites 1, pp. 89-90.
  4. openaccess Federico Giusfredi & P. Cotticelli-Kurras, Towards a study of the Luwian syntax, Article in press for the Proceedings of the Arbeitstagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft, Marburg, 21 September 2015.
  5. openaccess Federico Giusfredi, The Position of Determiners in Ancient Greek and Luwian: between syntax and information flow, in “Folia Linguistica” 51 [2017, Open Access green will be granted at the link above after a 12-month embargo from the date publication (25.11.2017 –> 25.11.2018)].
  6. openaccess Federico Giusfredi, On Sumerian ku3 (.g)-an (a metal) and some allegedly derived words, in NABU 2017 (OA journal).


  1. openaccess [Presentation] On Syntactic Formalism(s) and Ancient Indo-European Languages. Paper presented at the 2. Indogermanistisches Forschungskolloquium, Würzburg , March 2016.
  2. openaccess [Presentation, with P. Cotticelli-Kurras] Presentation of a SLUW case study, University of Rome La Sapienza, 7 July 2016.
  3. openaccess [Handout] Luwian and the Luwians: Overview of the Textual Sources, Workshop Luwian Studies, Zurich, November 2016. 

Raw Trees:

  1. openaccess Raw Constituency Trees.