About SLUW

SLUW, A Computer-Aided Study of the Luwian (Morpho)-Syntax, is a European MSCA-funded research project, hosted by the University of Verona (Department of Cultures and Civilizations) and run by Dr. Federico Giusfredi. Aim of the project is to provide a scientific description of the (morpho-)syntax of the Luwian language, by studying the phrase-structure of a significant selection of Luwian sentences and texts. Attested ever since the 18th century BCE, Luwian is the second largest member of the most ancient attested branch of the Indo-European family. It evolved in a condition of extreme complexity over a thousand years and with the use of two different writing systems: the Hittite cuneiform script and the Anatolian Hieroglyphic script. Through the annotation and the analysis of the syntactic patterns attested in the Luwian corpus, SLUW will produce a first comprehensive study of the syntax and morpho-syntax of the Luwian language.   pronto The results will be based on a combination of statistical data and standard linguistic description. Results will be published in papers and in a final monograph.